Wim Delvoye

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# Wim Delvoye Action Doll and Cloaca N°5 _ série limitée 3000 ex / artiste : Wim Delvoye / Production: Wim Delvoye ? / Belgique ? (fabriqué en Chine) / 2007 _ art toy 12″

« My whole life story is reduced to a caricature. The box set, which is like a GI Joe, includes an artist action figure, a tattoo gun, a Cloaca machine, a mobile phone, an outfit for wearing to a gallery opening and boots for the farm. It’s manufactured in Shenzhen. We’re working on an improved second generation and have plans for a third that is specifically about the Art Farm, including plastic tattooed pigs. We’ve learned a lot from Mattel, the toy manufacturer, and even altered their slogan to read, “You can tell it’s not Mattel.”
Wim Delvoye

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