Sonny Liew

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# 100,000 Horsepower (tirage limité 50 ex) / artiste : Sonny Liew ,   sculpting : Gary Choo, production: Mighty Jaxx  / Singapour / ? _ art toy

« His look is based around the idea of the dangers of atomic power – potentially a boon to mankind, but also a dreadful weapon, and radioactive waste is always a concern. So I wanted to make an image of figure that looked half boy and half robot, in a stance that suggested strength, but also a little bit sick from the very atomic energy that powers him…

The base… is based on part of the Gadget – the name given to the first bomb tested in the Manhattan project back in 1945. Given the close ties between the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the subsequent Japanese semi-obsession with apocalyptic scenarios in their movies and cartoons, I thought a reference to the gadget would set up some interesting tensions. »

Sonny Liew est né en 1974 en Malaisie, et vit à Singapour. C’est un illustrateur et dessinateur de bande dessinée.

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